Eliminate problems and live lighter

There are days that are so boring with the face of the first Monday after the holidays. Everything goes wrong, you expect anything to happen to brighten your day but everything that comes in to meet is just to disrupt it even more and make it worse than it is. People irritate you, your message box only has messages that annoy you even more and you think, all I wanted to be able to be off today.
Like bad days,  “boring” days are also part of our lives and we have to learn to deal with them, since we can not avoid them.
Such days are a constant in my life and I have learned that it is on this day that I should get up from my chair and breathe other airs. Take some time, try to see things from another angle to see if I can solve the problem. Because sometimes we are so focused on a situation that we can not see anything else.
Sometimes I’m in front of the computer working, there the internet crashes, it locks the computer, it closes my work pages, anyway … I stay there cursing and waiting for the thing to normalize, insisting, looking at the computer and angry because there is a lot Of work to do, I can not think of anything else, my head is fixed there in what I have planned.
And how frustrating it is when things do not go the way we plan.

We are surrounded by many things that hinder us, but we do not realize this because we only attach importance to what is significantly bad and small things go unnoticed.
Pay attention and you will discover a lot of little things that hinder you and you did not even notice, but they can be eliminated.
It’s like getting up every day from the bed and tripping on the same rug that’s only there to decorate the room. Is not it time to get him out?

Maybe our day is bad for being full of little bad things.
We accept suffering because we always hear “Ah life is not easy even …” so we accept living the situation and yet it can be modified.
I remember that a while ago we had a box in the refrigerator that was very difficult to close, it was jamming and I could not close it without cursing, until one day I decided to take it out and throw it in the trash, I did not care if It was new or expensive, I just did not want to bother with it anymore.

We need to ask ourselves, “Do I really need to do this, do I really have to put up with it? Why, what price will I pay if I do not do it? What reward will I have if I do it?”
Because sometimes we’re just making a fool’s sacrifice. We’re stressed out because of comments we’ve received on a social network or packages that arrive in our WhatsApp, maybe it’s time to delete. There are sacrifices that will not bring us growth, neither wisdom, nor victory nor condemnation, therefore – eliminate and live lighter.


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