Why did God forsake me? Surviving the storms

We all go through very painful times in life.
We learn that God will guard us, protect us and deliver us, but every now and then we go through a storm in which we seem to be carried by it, we lose the ground and we do not know where to go, we are totally lost and without any response from God .
We feel abandoned by Him, for having allowed such a thing to happen and for not helping us as we go through it. We look at the sky and ask, “Where is God?”
We feel confused and it seems that nothing else makes sense, or anything that we believe is truly real.
Job went through the worst moment of his life, in fact for the worst moment of any man’s life, lost all his possessions, his children and became seriously ill, for many days and God was absent from his life. But God was not totally absent, He watched in silence and remained in control of the situation, evil could not touch his life.
He felt very much abandoned and did not understand anything, he remained silent while scratching his wounds with the shingle. (Job 2: 8)
It is interesting that in everyday situations God helps us and gives us wisdom to know how to deal with and solve everything, but in a difficult situation He does not manifest himself.

Well, there it is, the pain is ours and no one else therefore we have to go, God will not carry it. One must learn what storms are part of life, and the life of God’s servants as well.
We always try to eliminate problems because they cause us suffering and no one wants to suffer, but God does not eliminate them, He wants us to learn something in every situation.
We have to trust that just as in the life of Job God is in control of ours and evil will not consume us.
Are we going to suffer? Yes, but we will not be consumed. (Job 1:12)
For all this produces growth, and to live with God we must grow.
We need to understand what God wants to teach us with all of this. And in the end we will notice the difference in ourselves. (Job 42: 5)
God is still sitting on His glorious throne watching us and when He raises His hand the wind and the sea will quiet down and we will have survived.
And now we’ll be better than before.
I may not know what is happening, but I know God is in control. I may not know where He is, but I know He is eternal and that in the end this is all part of a purpose.


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