Keep fighting, one hour something will work out

One morning I got out of bed and went to the balcony to do my daily exercises, I had been going through such painful days where my hope to improve was already almost dying. Then I sat in the chair and looked at the beautiful landscape in front of me and I began to cry with a sadness so deep that the only solution for me was death, I just wanted to turn a soul in pain and drop that body, abandon those bones and everything This was so bad, because I had done so much and until then nothing had had any effect, so I saw no way out for me, it only filled a very weak person with no alternatives to improve.
For there were days when I could not even brush my teeth in the morning.
I was tired of having to live a normal life being that I was not normal.
And then came a feeling inside me that said, “Keep trying because something you’re doing an hour can work.”
And then I looked at the side where the wall of the house was, and I saw a little ant trying to climb the wall, but, it went up to a piece and fell again, because the wall was very bumpy and she was very small. But as soon as she fell to the ground, she immediately got up and started to rise again and so this process was repeated several times until I think how silly she can not see that she will not be able to? But her persistence caught my attention because he did not give up, she needed to climb that wall and ready and if she falls she has to get up fast and run up again.
And so I saw my situation, because I had tried so many alternatives and until then nothing worked.
And then I looked at that little ant there and I thought, she is not tired of getting up, I was tired of getting up and keep trying because sometimes the tiredness is already mental there is no hope to believe that I can do it.
So I actually understood that this was a message to me, that like the ant that did not even think about giving up, I had to imitate it.
For an hour something was going to work and the next day it really happened, the autotherapy I had already started to do, started to take effect, and the inflammations were already diminishing, and the pains too.
There was a lot of work to do, but part was already on the way to improvement, the crises, the pain, the inflammation started to subside and I started to hope that something would finally improve.
Today I have been doing auto-hemotherapy for almost a year now and I feel much better, she did not solve everything, but a part yes and if I had given up I had not benefited from it. Really a great help.
Sometimes things are difficult even, an incurable disease, something we alone can not overcome, we depend on science and sometimes only a miracle, you are fighting against a giant that manifests every day, you live in the offices of several doctors , Does tests, several surgeries, takes a lot of toxic remedies that leave a lot of side effects and you do not see any improvement, and one fine day another and another illness arises …
It’s hard to believe we’re going to be able to win all this, but we have to overcome one obstacle at a time. I had to first reduce the inflammation to work out my legs to strengthen them, so that I can walk again normally. At one time it would be impossible, but one thing at a time was possible.
We must believe and continue fighting, because when we lose our hope we lose everything we have, without hope we can not fight and without struggle there is no change or victory.
If one day really will come a healing cure I do not know, and I do not know the plans of God, I can only say that my hope has been restored, and thanks to this I have more desire to fight. Because before I just wanted to lie on the couch all day and today I went back to treatment, I’m doing gym and I believe a lot will improve.
I am changing my life with a lot of hope and persistence, because God does not want to help me if I do not do my part.
So we have to keep fighting, because giving up is a waste of time.

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