Accept the bad of God

We have always maintained the theory that the one who does good is good – it is love, and the one who does evil is evil – it is a lack of love.
God is a loving Father and cares for His children, so He only gives good things to His own, as Christ himself said that He does not give stones to His children because He is good, and it is what is taught within the churches that evil Proceed from the evil one and therefore do not accept it!
So if I am going through a bad time it is because they want to do evil for me, but what if that evil comes from God? So He is hating me, does not love me anymore, is He punishing me or cursing me?
Does not it? But when I read the story of Job, Joseph, and even Christ himself, I see men who have not sinned and had to go through painful ways, because God himself testifies to their good behavior.
But what no one teaches us is that this “evil” can be part of God’s plans for our lives, so it is necessary to go through this piece, even though it hurts so much.

We learn that God does not send the storm, but rather appease, that He does not send a disease, but heals, that He does not give hunger, but it feeds and multiplies, and so on …
No one preaches about the evil of God, and when that happens in our lives we do not know how to deal with it.
The evil of God is a stone that is in the middle of the path that we will have to go through to reach the place that He has prepared for us.
To sit in the chair of Governor of Egypt, Joseph was a slave, a prisoner, was slandered, wronged, and punished for something he had not committed.
We are unaware of God’s plans for our lives and we do not know how He will do it. Joseph only knew what he saw in the dream, that his brothers prostrated themselves before him, nothing else, he did not see the way that would lead him there and that God does not show, He only shows the promised land, ahhh but the giants and The distance to go it does not show.
Are not we standing in the way, abandoned by God, He started the work and left us alone in the worst part?
In this painful time, when we do not know where God is, we must trust in his love and continue walking. It’s time to sit on the floor grab your tile and start scratching the wounds.
If I do not accept the evil of God and abandon this path, I will not sit in the chair He has prepared for me.
And if around me people are celebrating the good of God and I’m going through God’s bad, it does not matter, it’s hard to accept, but, never mind, Joseph’s brothers were fine, they kept eating and drinking at their father’s house and He was away from his father’s house, there in prison, but in the end his brothers remained the same people they were before, but Jose, ah Jose, how much difference, a quite remarkable difference is not it? The last time his brothers saw him he was like a slave, but now, he’s like the governor and they’re going to have to bow down to him as God had shown him.
If we do not understand this, we can turn against God, revolt, and get away from Him. Because if we do not confide in your love even when it seems to be so absent in our life, it is difficult to continue.
In Job’s book in chapter 2, verse 10 Job rebukes his wife saying, “As any fool speaks, you speak; Shall we receive the good of God, and receive not evil?
Because to her that moment was being difficult and he tells her if we accept the good of God, why would not we accept evil too?
But we do not learn to accept the evil of God, we learn to accept the good, because we accept it with joy, with pleasure and do not need reasons to visit me, but evil we can only accept if it is part of some purpose And that is a good purpose. We need a reason to suffer, or we do not want to, does not it? It is difficult to learn this, but it is necessary, otherwise we will suffer much more.
For years I’ve been going through this painful valley, I did not understand how things happened, and I rebelled against God and suffered much more, because in the worst part I felt alone, everything seemed to lie what God had promised me back. Because I knew I was going to have victory, but I did not know what the way would be to achieve it.
I speak of God’s love when I feel this love, but I did not feel it, I was alone in the middle of the storm, but people kept saying things that made no sense to me. And then God comes and opens my eyes and I begin to understand everything and see that everything was part of a purpose and that today I am totally different from the one I was 7 years ago. Today I no longer hunger for God, nor do I want what I see others possessing, I know what I have and it is very great. I could not serve God that way. I had to undergo changes. I do not want to walk there again and I hope to have left, but it was necessary, without this stage of my life there would not exist what exists today. I would not be who I am and I would not have what I have.
Today only, rest in God until the day when the evil days pass and I can sit in the chair that He prepared for me. The way to glory also requires sacrifices.


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