Don’t Give Up

I do not forget the morning when my husband and I went to meet the building’s gym, plans were to start exercising to strengthen my muscles because I was so weak that I could not get up from a chair.
I looked around, all those huge equipment, which require strength and endurance to use them, I tried to use some but I could not.

I was so discouraged and sad to cry. It was too much for me – better to give up. That was definitely not for me there.
But a voice said inside me: “If you give up, you will stay the way you are and it will get worse every day until you reach an irreversible point. Do you want to stay the way you are?”

Then I swallowed the tears and started slowly, with pain and a lot of effort, my husband helping me, I did only what I got and in minimal quantity, just a few minutes.
It is not being easy, weakness is too much, sometimes I have to stop to breathe, the body starts to shake and the desire to give up is constant.
Starting something different is always a great challenge, because of the pain, deformities, limitations, wear and tear due to aggressive treatments, getting out of the routine becomes really difficult and even frightening.
But I learned two things:
1º – I can fail to try but, if not try I already failed. If I turn my back and give up something that can help me, one thing is certain – I will continue as I am and as the disease progresses it will become stronger and I will become weaker and weaker.
2º – We have the habit of setting goals for our challenges, goals that can not always be achieved, at least in the short term.
There is nothing wrong with thinking like this, but I am not always able to meet that goal within that time and so we often give up. Because we can not meet our goals and do not give importance to the result obtained by being lower than expected.
Comparing my goal with my possibilities can discourage me and make me give up by the degree of difficulty, after all: “I can not afford it, so why continue?”
It is necessary to establish goals that match our possibilities, and increase them gradually, as we are getting better, we are increasing …
Even if I do little and still can not see results, the important thing is that I am doing it and I will continue doing it. This should be our main goal – Do and keep doing and do not give up.
As you begin to see the results you gain motivation to continue and suddenly you got where you wanted to go!



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